A. Atilla Hincal, PhD
A. Atilla Hincal, PhD
CurrentIDE Information Center Education and Consultancy Ltd Co, Ankara/İstanbul, Turkey

A.Atilla Hıncal  is a graduate of Istanbul University Faculty of Pharmacy  (1964) post graduate  in Pharmaceutical Technology in 1967. He joined Hacettepe University at Ankara (1969), He became Associate Professor at 1975,  worked from 1975 to 1978 in Tennessee and in Kansas Universities in USA as postdoctoral fellow on development of new drug forms, and formulation of anticancer drugs. He became full professor in 1979 in Hacettepe University. He worked as invited scientist in France Paris Sud, Strasbourg Universities and in Switzerland  Zurich-ETH.

Prof. Hıncal was  the  “Dean of  HU Faculty of Pharmacy”  between 1981-1994 and right after  this post he  has also served as “the Dean  of the Post Graduate Faculty  for Health Sciences:Medicine, Pharmacy, Dentistry and Other Health Sciences” of the same University between 1994-1997.

He is “the founder of  the Turkish Doping Control Center”  and  served as the founding director of the Center between 1988 and 1994. Prof. Hıncal is “the founder of the International Pharmaceutical Technology Symposium (IPTS)” and “Turkish Pharmaceutical Technology Scientists’ Association” (TÜFTAD) and   “Controlled Release Society Turkish Chapter” and  Turkish Cosmetology Researchers’ Society. He served as an executive committee member in international scientific organizations EUFEPS, APGI and EAFP. He served as Acting President in EAFP.

He has also been commission member in the different national organizations Ministry of Health Turkish Pharmacopoeia Commission, Drug Licensing Expert Commission, Clinical Trials Ethics Committee, Turkish Patent Institute Advisory Board,, Turkish Pharmaceutical Manufacturers’ Association Scientific Committee. He is a certified  “Patent and Trade Mark Attorney” and “ISO Expert” for Pharmaceutical and Chemical industries.

A.Atilla Hıncal’s research interests include new drug delivery systems, bioavailability-bioequivalence, tabletting technologies and formulation development. Prof. Hıncal has published over 250 articles and 300 scientific presentations in scientific meetings and served as an editor or co-editor in 20 scientific books published in USA, France and Turkey. He is on the editorial boards and reviewer of several international and national scientific/professional journals.

In different years  he was awarded by “the Czechoslovakian Medical and Pharmaceutical Sciences Academy” one of “the distinguished pharmaceutical scientists of the year”. He became “AAPS Fellow” (American Association of Pharmaceutical Scientists) in 1993. He received “the Hacettepe University Science Award” in the area of Health Sciences in years 1994-95, and 1995-96, 2001 He was awarded by “the Correspondent Membership of Spanish Royal Academy of Pharmacy”. And “2006 Sciences Award” of “Turkish Pharmaceutical Society’s Turkish Pharmaceutical Sciences Academy”. He was honored by “Romanian Bucharest  University Doctoris Honoris Causa” in July 2006.  He is the recipient of International Pharmaceutical Federation’s “FIP Lifetime Achievement in Pharmaceutical Sciences Award 2006”. He received  “Turkish Controlled Release Society’s 2007 Science Award” and “Macedonian Skopji SS Cyril and Methodist Univerity’s Professor Honoris Causa” in September 2008. “French Academy National of Pharmacy” Awarded him by a membership  at 2010.

He has served as member of the International Scientific Boards in several international journals and meetings in the area of pharmaceutical sciences in USA, Sweden, France, Switzerland, Italy, India, Japan and United Kingdom.

Prof. Hıncal is the professor emeritus since  2007.  He is Co-founder  and Managing Director of a CRO in Ankara  named “IDE Pharmaceutical Information, Consultancy and Education Center Ltd Co”.