Kamal K. Midha, C.M., Ph.D., D. Sc., Adjunct Professor, College of Pharmacy & Nutrition, University of Saskatchewan, SASKATOON, Sask. Canada; Immediate Past President, FIP

“Investment in Health is investment in Economy” represents the deep belief which has guided my interest in the pharmaceutical arena of global health now for some years. This belief means that healthy people are generally positive people. They invest their good productive years in building and sustaining Economy. In contrast, unhealthy humans, not only are not able to work and contribute to Economy but they also become a drain on Economy.

Global Health requires many key ingredients to be operational. Especially it requires Good Therapeutic Care delivered appropriately and timely to the patient by a competent health care workforce. First and foremost ingredient needed in Therapeutic Care is then the availability of appropriate Pharmaceutical Therapeutic Agents or Procedures (Surgery). This guiding principle requires that Pharmaceutical Sciences need to be harmonized such that pharmaceutical scientists develop the need-based Therapeutic Agents and Procedures. The second ingredient is to have competent Practitioners in sufficient numbers with the right pharmaceutical knowledge to deliver appropriate pharmaceutical services to the patients. We need to have enough such Practitioners so that individuals and populations in every part of the Globe have access to Health Care at affordable prices. Universal access to Health Care is only possible if the therapy/service is affordable based on purchasing power parity of the afflicted patient (family) – no matter where the patient (family) lives.

As a society or a community, we are left with the formidable task of building and then harmonizing the three foundations of the trilogy, namely Pharmaceutical Sciences, Pharmacy Practice and Pharmaceutical Education. Our task is to achieve this holistic mission represented in the trilogy. We face daunting challenges in each of these three foundations. We first have to recognize these challenges in order to work toward overcoming them and organizing them into an Holistic System. This will ensure that we are moving closer towards the ultimate mission of Global Health.